Flying cars?

One of our very large automotive manufacturing clients had a need for winter testing on their soon-to-be launched prototype models. Unfortunately the time frame was very limited as a launch date had been set, meaning the usual proving ground test locations in Europe were not suitable in the heat of mid-summer

It was decided that the best viable option would be to take advantage of the New Zealand winter season and move the cars for testing half way around the world, but continuing on the same timescales already planned before launch.

Metro put forward a proposition moving the vehicles to NZ South Island based on a charter aircraft moving directly to the destination. This included the return of the vehicles to UK within the same time frame for continued testing prior to launch.

Coordination was needed with the crew, engineers and other stakeholders to ensure that the maximum time was made available at the test location. Any downtime with the vehicles not being present at any of the test event locations had a significant cost and had potential to delay the launch.

We transported the cars under security, accompanied by some of our automotive experts, throughout the transit ensuring to the hour schedules were met to the top of the snow capped NZ mountain that they were destined, and back to the UK facility without a hitch ensuring that they were available for the next phase of testing in Europe. The vehicles launched successfully as planned!