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Air Freight

Air Freight

Metro employs specialists who understand the art of the air freight business, from how to build an air freight container or pallet combining heavier and more volumetric freight, through courier and express shipments, to chartering entire aircraft in the event of a supply chain breakdown.

We have developed long-term relationships with airlines and charterers and are able to secure capacity, running inbound and outbound flow as well as cross trades. Additionally, our global relationship with Fracht and our involvement in the project cargo trade have given us substantial leverage with carriers to negotiate the best rates for our clients.

Air freight is the first class way for cargo to travel. It is quick, efficient and also happens to be the most expensive. However, for high-value goods that need to get to market as quickly as possible and with the least chance of pilferage, air freight remains logistics professionals’ preferred transport mode.

But business is not just about cost – it is as much about margins, and with the correct planning air freight’s speed-to-market allows companies to generate increased sales, earn higher margins and outperform competitors.

In terms of tonnage, aircraft carry just 1% of global trade volumes, yet in terms of value of goods it regularly carries more than 30% of global trade. A 747 freight aircraft has a cargo carrying capacity roughly equivalent to ten 40ft maritime containers, whilst the biggest ships have a capacity of some 900 times that.

The economies of scale offered by ships explain why sea freight is cheaper, but sea freight has none of the flexibility that air freight offers. During emergencies and disasters only aircraft can offer immediate humanitarian aid, and so it is for supply chains: seaport congestion crises routinely paralyse vessel operations and maritime trade lanes, leaving importers desperate for inventory stranded aboard anchored vessels. Chartering air freighters and flying replacement goods can often be the only remedy.

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