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Freight Management

Freight Management

The carriage of goods is just one part of global supply chains. There is a whole parallel activity of documentation and customs clearance that underpins the physical movement of cargo, and it is critical to a smooth supply chain. Metro Shipping has the knowledge, ability and highly trained operatives specialising in this area.

Our executives understand everything about how to run global supply chains. They know where the traps and pitfalls lie, so they can mitigate your risk and leave you safe in the knowledge that your supply chain complies with all the latest regulations and that your back office has improved efficiencies.

For example, many customers use SAP and other major enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to underpin their manufacturing operations. However, a weakness is that many of these systems are unable to produce the paperwork required for shipping instructions. Metro Shipping simply links into customers’ ERP systems and undertakes these tasks on their behalf.

The world is a complex place in terms of the myriad regulations that cover different countries, so why not let Metro Shipping take care of the administrative burdens that come with moving goods from one part of the world to another.

Metro Shipping’s experienced team offers free freight management consultancy.  We recognise the importance of cost, so we continually seek to challenge our customers’ processes and develop innovations through the deployment of the MVT system, all of which enables us to deliver continuous efficiency over a number of years.

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