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The MVT system is the backbone of Metro Shipping’s offering to customers. It was designed according to the principle that information is at its most powerful when it is shared. Since the evolution of the internet, the barriers to entry in terms of employing high-powered software have been lowered considerably, so Metro Shipping is able to offer customers a world-class supply chain management system as part of our standard services.

Being web-based, the end-to-end system is by nature global. It is an entirely neutral platform which offers real-time collaboration between different supply chain partners. MVT can easily be integrated with our customers’ enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and other back office systems. It provides clear visibility into our customers’ supply chains and enables execution of actions and total control – 24/7.

There are no packages to install, no mainframes are needed to run it; our customers simply have a username and password and the system is accessible on any connected computer device – be it desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone – anywhere in the world at any time.

The database is a Microsoft SQL server, while the business logic is a Microsoft.NET framework and Microsoft Internet Information Services, and the front end of the system is HTML5. All the technology that runs the system is well-proven, while its intelligence was designed by logistics professionals to service clients’ needs.

We have developed a world class system; the fact that our customer retention rate is among the highest in the industry is testament to the value that we have unlocked for our clients’ supply chains.