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Road Freight

Road Freight

Metro Shipping long ago made the strategic decision to invest in our people and IT architecture, rather than trucks because operating a localised trucking network would have been a distraction as supply chains became ever more globalised. Instead, we focused on building a portfolio of partnerships with trusted road freight operators which means we have continuous access to all types of haulage capacity that our customers need.

This dedicated capacity will become a major asset in itself in the coming years, especially in the UK as haulage capacity across the board is likely to come under pressure, particularly during peak periods of high demand. The key reason behind this is a growing shortage of qualified HGV drivers – industry bodies estimate that the industry has a shortfall of around 45,000 drivers as of the start of 2015. This shortfall is expected to grow as elder drivers retire and fewer young drivers enter the industry.

Metro constantly monitors this trend to assure customers access to haulage capacity as and when they need it.

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