Cars in a row


The key to Metro Shipping’s approach to serving the automotive industry lies in our adaptability: we create tailored supply chains that work most effectively for each of our many customers.

Some of the most advanced supply chains can be found in this generally innovative industry. Vehicle manufacturers have to be cutting edge to remain competitive – after all, it was an automotive company that invented the Six Sigma programme that revolutionised modern corporate management philosophy – and that relentless emphasis on innovation has of course filtered down to the supply chain.

Manufacturers within this sector have been faced with the twin challenges of shifting market places (the traditional North American and European consumer markets have shown constrained growth since 2008, while emerging markets such as China have grown sharply) and a constant need to control costs. The matrix of sourcing patterns and production locations is ever-changing and supply chains need to be consistently refined to remain efficient.

The automotive industry is not just about consumer cars. There is an industry worth billions of dollars in the deployment of construction, farming and industrial machinery, and Metro has a long history in serving some of the largest names in this sector, who run supply chains as complex (and in many cases more challenging due to the size of the finished goods) as many carmakers.

Our offering also extends to our automotive customers’ customers: the dealers. In several cases the retailers of major vehicle manufacturers are connected to the manufacturer’s supply chain through our MVT system. Once orders have been placed with dealers and forwarded to the manufacturers, the progress of these units through the production process and eventual transport to end user can be traced by the dealer, giving everyone in the process a powerful information tool.

In essence, while our standard offering comprises of end-to-end supply chain services for both inbound automotive manufacturing production lines and outbound finished vehicle logistics, we strive to provide the services that our customers actually need.