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Chemical & Petrochemical

Metro Shipping’s origins lie in serving the European chemical and petrochemical industries. While our capabilities have subsequently grown beyond that, the sector still remains a core business for us, with a customer base that features the full suite of blue-chip companies, many of them household names.

These companies have huge, global supply chains connecting a variety of downstream and upstream production facilities. Metro Shipping supports these businesses by designing processes that make these supply chains operate without hitches. We organise both the vast numbers of container shipments and the increasing amounts of trailer movements which underpin these production processes.

With the development of Metro Shipping’s ground-breaking MVT system, we are able to plan, organise and control a large number of these cargo shipments globally, with many movements never coming near to the UK, and through our links into our customers’ SAP systems, we also have visibility of all orders and can control the fulfilment of those orders, allowing our customers the space to focus on their core operations.

Our global reach in the chemicals and petrochemicals sector has been enabled by our long-standing partner Elite, a recognised specialist of the particular logistical requirements of the sector, whose worldwide network of offices we tap into.