Metro Shipping has designed and operates the supply chains of some of the largest food producers in the world – for brand names that can be found in almost every household.

There are few sectors of global supply chains as important to society as the food chain , or “from farm to fork” as it is sometimes known. Operating these sophisticated supply chains requires professionals with specialised training, who are completely up-to-date with the latest regulatory developments and who understand that care of the cargo is the priority.

The perishable supply chain uses specialist equipment such as refrigerated (reefer) containers, which have seen huge technological advances in recent years and have transformed the way food producers move their goods. The precise control of temperature and atmosphere now offered by many reefer units has allowed fruit and vegetable producers in the southern hemisphere to plug into the network of container shipping services, rather than find themselves reliant on the fewer and less frequent conventional reefer ships or the far more expensive air freight option.

This has meant that an ever greater number of food producers now has access to the major consumption markets, thus increasing choice both for grocery retailers and consumers.

Our offering to the food industry is not just about perishable goods. Many of these goods are dry and packaged and have much longer shelf lives, but they still require great care in handling because damaged goods mean lost profits. Damage prevention can be built into supply chains, as can long-term efficiency programmes, such as developing port-centric distribution systems, due to the more stable nature of food sales.

Metro Shipping is a leading advocate of such innovations and has extensive experience designing supply chains for the food industry.