Metro branded trucks

Why Metro?

Metro Shipping’s outstanding service levels are a major reason why our customers entrust the management of their supply chains to us. The fact that they continue to renew and extend these contracts with us demonstrates the quality of our services. But if you are looking for other reasons to talk to Metro about your supply chain requirements, we have listed a few below:


Metro’s approach to your supply chain is based on a philosophy that requires total flexibility. Unlike most large freight service providers, we are an asset-light company which means we are not predisposed to running your supply chain in a particular way, or forcing it to use particular assets. Instead we design the supply chain around our customers’ exact needs, offering end-to-end flexibility from the early stages of planning right through to implementation.

Customer Focus

Everything we do is based on our customers’ requirements. We have developed strong partnerships with carriers – airlines, shipping lines, hauliers and rail operators – but we are beholden to none of them. Our critical mass in terms of our freight spend provides us buying power with carriers that we can leverage on behalf of our customers. On the other hand, there are some customers that prefer to contract directly with carriers. Some freight forwarders see that type of behaviour as a threat to their business model; we see it as an opportunity to examine other parts of customer supply chains where we can add value, minimise cost and increase efficiency.

The highest Standards

Metro Shipping’s staff are highly skilled logistics professionals who work to the highest industry standards. Our people are our greatest strength, which is why they are trained in-house. We have chosen to concentrate on developing the skills of our staff, and the company has grown exponentially over the course of its 35-year history as a direct result of that. In addition, we boast a number of specialists for particular fields of operation, such as the perishables and dangerous goods areas where formal training and certification are a requirement.  Metro’s senior management team has a combined experience exceeding 250 years.

 IT Architecture

We have made a substantial investment in our global MVT platform. This system was developed in-house and it provides both us and our clients with a neutral platform for granular visibility into supply chains as well as global connectivity. MVT is the base which allows us to offer clients all the cutting-edge services that supply chains in the twenty-first century need to be furnished with.  MVT links our global offices, makes visibility and connectivity the norm and renders spreadsheets obsolete.

Global Presence

Metro Shipping is one of the largest privately owned logistics companies, and in this era of globalisation we developed worldwide reach through select, long-term partnerships with private companies in other markets that share our vision and strategy.  These partnerships, in combination with the connectivity provided by our MVT system, are pivotal to our seamless operation and continued success.


Our company is privately owned, with employees that make the difference. The way our company is structured provides us with agility, which gives us a great advantage over our competitors. With a clear line of decision-making by people who continue to work in the business day-in, day-out, we are able to respond to our customers’ queries and challenges with greater speed and precision.




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