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UK Airfreight
Suite 104, UCH House,
Old Bath Road, Colnbrook,
Berkshire, SL3 0NS

Metro Fracht Houston,
16701 Greenspoint Park Drive,
Suite 300, Houston,
TX 77060-2389

Asia Pacific
Metro Fracht Shanghai,
Room 2608, 26th Fl.
China Insurance Building,
166 Lu Jia Zui Road (E),
Pudong, Shanghai 200120,
PR China

Indian Subcontinent
Metro India, 20Cube Logistics
Pvt. Ltd, 7th Floor,
Anurag Business Centre
410/411, Vaman Tukaram Patil Marg,
Chembur Mumbai:400 071,

Metro Fracht AG,
P.O. Box 27374,
Abu Dhabi U.A.E.