Quality, safety and security as standard

With decades of experience handling bulk, ambient, fresh and frozen foodstuffs, Metro provide seamless inbound and outbound logistics solutions with complete supply chain integrity from source to destination.

Through strict Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and best practice, which is under continuous review, we ensure all products remain hygienic and stay at optimum temperature throughout transport and handling.

From bulk shipments of base crops and grains to frozen produce and fresh meat, the Metro team are immensely experienced in the efficient transportation, documentation and certification of all types of food products.

Our flexible international transport solutions safeguard product integrity across road, sea and air, with MVT providing end-to-end visibility and a complete supply chain audit of processes and participant interventions.

Metro Foodstuffs

  • Temperature-controlled equipment for air, sea and road
  • Product-specific packaging solutions
  • Direct distribution door-to-door
  • Consignment documentation
  • Sea-air solutions
  • Just-in-time delivery
  • Ambient and temperature controlled secure storage

A recipe for success

Food supply chains are highly regulated and very demanding, including compliance and liaison with port health authorities and other national regulatory bodies.

Metro plan and manage international transport and logistics for ambient and temperature-sensitive food products, for leading global brands, including this well known cereal brand owner.

Metro is responsible for the management of a large proportion of their exports from UK, Belgium and other mainland European factories by sea and air, with over 10k containers moving in 2018.

On the inbound side the Metro team manage the movement of bulk raw ingredients and production machinery, which is subject to continuous refinement.

In 2019 Metro has developed new supply chain solutions to support the successful launch of new Turkish and Egyptian manufacturing facilities.