Retail & Fashion

Competitive sectors need winning support

For decades we have worked with leading fashion brands, retailers and consumer brands which means we really do understand the challenges you face.

That’s why our expert teams optimise your supply chains, to serve your markets, with cost, efficiency and sustainability front of mind, and MVT providing full visibility and control down to SKU level.

And it’s not just inbound. With Metro’s heritage you would expect us to be involved in so much more including, overseas franchise and concession support, exports by sea and air, cross-trade operations (with bespoke MVT solution) and eCommerce fulfilment.

It is our unique blend of experience, systems and processes that mean we see opportunities, that others miss, to introduce new methods and efficiencies, to help you optimise global inventory, reduce shipping costs, and streamline your entire supply chain operation.

  • Pre-shipment purchase order and vendor management services
  • Customs brokerage and international trade compliance
  • International transportation including direct-to-store
  • Offshore warehousing and international distribution
  • Garment on hangers handling and transport
  • Intra-market and cross-trade

Accelerating air freight

Metro is a Top 30 IATA air freight agent and, unsurprisingly have an operations centre at London Heathrow. But we also recognise the unique benefits of regional airports. So, when one of the UK’s leading garment retailers wanted an alternative to importing large volumes of Garments On Hangers (GOH) into Heathrow, we created a solution which was quicker, less expensive and less restrictive on capacity.

Converting all GOH into specifically designed cartons, the clients cargo is transported as flat pack cargo, eliminating much of the excess (chargeable) volume, to significantly reduce freight costs and increase choice of carriers to all cargo carrying airlines, and particularly those serving Birmingham, providing immediate access to the retailer’s distribution network, less than 40 miles from the Airport.

Garments can also be processed on arrival in a secure area, and delivered directly to RDC or store.

The use of the regional airport is not only inexpensive and convenient, it is more effective, particularly in the peak season, when backlogs and congestion persist at Heathrow.