Shipping Intelligence

Smart shippers use our reporting packs

Metro operational, financial, tracking and supply chain management systems are integrated across the business, with total visibility (subject to security protocols) which means our data repository holds all shipment transactions relating to every movement and supply chain participant.

This databank is a future goldmine for emerging technologies like Big Data and the Internet of things.

More importantly it is a goldmine of information for Metro’s shippers today.

Major accounts will typically have service level agreements (SLA), and key performance indicators (KPI) that are the basis for the standard operating procedures adopted by Metro and selected partners.

The statistical reporting that the Metro technical team can generate from this scenario far exceeds what shippers are used to seeing in their usual vendor KPI pack.

Our data mining specialists can help you measure the performance of every element and participant in your supply chain, so that you can see the weak links and understand what actions will optimise it.

From raising the purchase order to final customer delivery our technologists can extract the data that will help you solve the most complex supply chain challenges.