The widest choice of service, transit and price

Metro leverages long-standing commercial relationships with the three global shipping alliances, leading container shipping lines and conventional lines, to negotiate rolling contractual capacity agreements, space guarantees and fixed validity pricing, which means our customers cargo always ships.


  • Fast
  • Guaranteed
  • Economic


  • Reliable
  • Frequent
  • Visibility


  • Vessel Selection
  • Charter Options
  • Specialised Equipment

The benefits of the consistent service provided by these preparations are highlighted during the peak seasons, when less-prepared forwarder’s containers are left on the quay by full vessels.

For many importers, including ‘just in time’ manufacturers and retailers, consistent performance in their supply chain is critical.

An individual component may be valued at just a few dollars, but if its delay shuts down an automotive assembly line, the associated cost could run into £millions.

For retailers, maintaining stock levels to meet demand is key in delivering their brand promise, maintaining margins and growth.

Metro’s reliable, economical ocean freight services, encompass conventional and bulk shipping, Full Container Load (FCL) and Less than Container Load (LCL) shipments.

We transport bulk, dangerous goods and chemicals by conventional vessels and using specialised container equipment, including Flexitanks, ISO Tanktainers and Open-top.

With our robust partner network we provide comprehensive multi-country and multi-vendor buyer consolidation services, at all major origins, with full inventory visibility and control through our MVT platform.

These include the merging of diverse cargoes to allow containers to be fully utilised at a lower cost and reduced transit time.

We also handle customs brokerage and declarations, inspection, quality control and sorting, providing your freight with high levels of safety and protection.


We never “tyre” of getting it right

The automotive sector is one of Metro’s key verticals, with long-standing clients including automotive and component brands, OEM’s and manufacturers.

Working with this global tyre brand for 30 years, Metro manage deep-sea inbound raw material flows and daily bulk dispatch of containerized exports of finished products, to numerous destination across the Middle East, Africa, Asia and US.

The quality products developed by this client must be protected from contamination, which means that containers must be clean, dry and odor free.

Working directly with the partners carriers Metro’s account team only position food grade (CDOF) containers.

Containers are supplied on a drop and swap basis, to allow time for inspection and sweeping prior to loading.