You can trust us to cross the T’s and dot the I’s

As you would expect from such a customer-focused business Metro’s import and export services include a total documentation service that embraces commercial, compliance and financial requirements.

This documentation is entirely bespoke to each client, with a situation and needs analysis available without charge or obligation.

The correct paperwork is vital for every shipment, and differs by country, so it is critical that you get it right, or you risk having them stuck at customs because they are missing vital documents.

We help you supply the right paperwork, every time, to ensure that your goods always arrive on time every time. Available for free circulation, bonded storage or transfer to an alternative customs regime, including IPR and OPR.

Our in house experts will guide and produce for you the full range of original, certified and customs documents required for compliance and bank presentation including:

  • ATR
  • EUR1 Movement Certificate
  • European Certificate of Origin
  • Arab-British Certificate of Origin
  • SASO
  • ISPM 15

Metro systems are integrated with HMRC’s declaration system CHIEF and its replacement CDS, which means we can ensure that you meet all National Export Systems requirements, regardless of export point and submit your post-shipment Intrastat declarations.

If you are moving goods within the EU we use our community transit guarantee to use the appropriate T1 or T2 status and ensure VAT and import duty liability is met correctly.