03/02/2021 / Brexit, Customs, EU, Road, Supply Chain, Technology

EU border disruption impacting trailer availability

Problems finding import trailers from the EU is being blamed on the slowdown in exports from the UK, which are...
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03/02/2021 / Environment, Metro, Supply Chain, Technology

Taking positive eco action – going greener

While our technical solutions team get ready to launch our CO2 monitoring and off-setting tool, we have note-worthy initiatives going...
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28/01/2021 / China, Sea, Supply Chain

Why forecasting will beat the shipping challenge

In a customer advisory last week we outlined the current situation and challenges in relation to the inbound ocean freight...
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28/01/2021 / China, Coronavirus, Sea, Supply Chain

Carriers CNY blanked sailing surprise

Optimism in signs that the equipment shortage crisis might improve after Chinese New Year, have been dealt a blow with...
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28/01/2021 / China, Coronavirus, Sea, Supply Chain

BBC report £10k freight costs to ship a container from China

Massive and continuing post-lockdown consumer demand has resulted in a lack of available space on vessels, shortage of empty shipping...
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28/01/2021 / Brexit, Customs, EU, Road, Supply Chain

Brexit update; Cross border EU traffic threatened

Increasing numbers of exporters are struggling to acquire critical transit documents, which allow goods to cross borders within the European...
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28/01/2021 / Coronavirus, Sea, Supply Chain

Container equipment shortages may be lessening in Asia

Even if ‘one swallow does not a summer make’ we fervently hope that one container index’s ‘positive trend’ really does...
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28/01/2021 / Insurance, Metro, Sea, Supply Chain

More bad news for shippers as containers lost overboard

Mounting container losses at sea are raising concerns about the effectiveness of current lashing practices and the likelihood of vessel...
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21/01/2021 / Brexit, Road

Brexit delays and confusion causing logistics delays and headaches

The Channel ports may be quiet, but behind the scenes drivers are being held up for hours and even days...
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21/01/2021 / Air, Metro, Supply Chain

Heathrow cargo staff strike averted

British Airways’ (BA) cargo handling operation at Heathrow airport had been threatened with significant disruption following the announcement of further strikes,...
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