Air cargo gains momentum from rising prices in ocean shipping

The record-breaking sea freight rates, driven by restricted volumes, equipment availability and service disruption is pushing increasing quantities of ‘distressed’ ocean cargo to air freight solutions. Metro have advised and updated regularly on the dynamic air freight market, which has restricted lifting capacity through the grounding of passenger aircraft and increased costs as carriers rely

Air freight market update

Following a brief lull in May and June, air freight volumes and rates are climbing again, with production backlogs and continuing sea freight disruption combining to create a spike in demand for the time-sensitive mode. Air cargo demand returned to growth in June following a drop in May. The latest statistics from CLIVE Data Services

Excessive demand likely to mean higher contract rates next year on all modes

The early start of the sea freight peak season and its likely extension through 2021 and possibly up to the Lunar New Year in 2022 means the chance of current market rates softening significantly are slender, particularly as disruption in any region creates more congestion and delays, pressuring prices as shippers try to secure scarcer slots. If they have the

Air cargo peak season starts early with no end in sight

Chaotic sea freight markets are driving delayed distressed planned ocean cargo over to faster air freight, creating an artificial early peak season, in which massive global demand meeting limited capacity, means that only the highest paying cargo will make it out of Asia on a flight, regardless of destination. ‘Pay to play’ seems to be the driver behind the current market dynamics. The highest

Air Freight Update; Central UK hub re-opens for Metro air freight arrivals

With increased support from key carrier partners, Metro has recommenced routing air freight traffic directly to our Birmingham Airport hub, from key Middle East and Asia origins, as well as trucking consignments directly from southern airports and mainland Europe. Alongside Heathrow, Gatwick and City airports, Birmingham International is one of the UK’s only designated airports for direct flights

Air Freight Market Update; 20th May 2021

Asia’s economic bounce back continues to show strong growth, driven by new manufacturing orders and the ensuing increase in export sales, which is putting more pressure on supply chains, leading to increased lead times, shortages of aircraft space and rising prices. Purchasing managers data is showing the largest price increases in a decade, in the

Air cargo industry’s first sustainability report

The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) has released their Air Cargo Sustainability Report – Accelerating the sustainable transformation of air cargo – which is the first comprehensive study undertaken on the sustainable transformation of the air cargo industry.   As part of TIACA’s Sustainability program, launched in November 2019, the organisation performed a widespread industry

Air freight market still climbing

The global air freight market is accelerating rapidly, with massive rate increases impacting many trade lanes, with Asia & Europe to the US particularly affected. Volumes out of China have been increasing weekly, with higher yields to the US attracting carriers to the routes and reducing desperately needed capacity on other lanes, including Asia Westbound