Operation Brock relaunched

Operation Brock is set to return, as part of plans to cope with potential queues at Channel Ports, as the government questions hauliers’ readiness for Brexit Operation Brock is the planned traffic management system in Kent for use in the event of a no-deal Brexit. It supersedes Operation Stack, the previous plan that has been

Brexit consultation and grants for traders

The end of the Transition Period with the European Union on 31st December 2020 provides the UK with the opportunity to design a future border that will deliver maximum benefit to the UK and new border processes that will need to be understood, if supply chains are to continue to run. On the 22nd June

BREXIT UPDATE ; You have 150 days and counting

On the 1st January 2021 you will potentially be liable for customs duty and import VAT when you import goods from the EU and you’ll need to submit safety and security declarations for all exports to the EU. Metro has produced a Brexit health-check questionnaire to help traders prepare for January 1st 2021, when the transition period expires

Your data will simplify Brexit

The lockdown impact on UK transport

“Trade isn’t about goods. Trade is about information. Goods sit in the warehouse until data moves them.” On January 1st 2021 the United Kingdom begins a new trading relationship with the European Union and your data is needed now to keep your goods moving.  While lots of uncertainty about how trade between the UK and

Government not prepared for post Brexit customs

The UK’s freight forwarders’ association, BIFA, has warned that the government had failed to recognise the practical constraints to building sufficient post-Brexit customs agent capacity in the industry which was still reeling from coronavirus. Industry experts agree that the proposed £50 millon funding to hire 50,000 custom brokers, to cope with an estimated 215 million

UK facing EU pallet time-bomb post Brexit

Wooden pallets carrying goods from outside the EU must be heat-treated or fumigated and certified before they can enter Europe, but the UK doesn’t have enough of these pallets to trade with the EU after the end of the year. International Standards For Phytosanitary Measures No.15 (ISPM 15) directly addresses the need to treat wood

Brexit: Selling customs services

On the 1st January 2021 – Brexit – no customs border posts will appear between the UK and the EU, but you may need to pay customs duty and import VAT when goods pass across the new ‘border’ and you’ll need to submit customs declarations and pay administration fees for their completion and submission. With

New Border Operating Model: Checklist for Business

On Monday 13th July, HMG delivered their new Border Operating Model covering how UK Imports and UK Exports will look from 1st January 2021. To date, it is the most comprehensive model that has been released, and finally provides clarity to UK businesses as we move towards the Brexit door in the New Year. Following

Making your business Brexit-proof

The government has pledged £705 million to prepare its post-Brexit borders and Metro has launched its ‘Brexit-Proof’ platform, designed to prepare shippers for the impending changes and keep their European supply chains running smoothly after 1st January 2021. Cabinet Office officials estimate that British businesses will now need to complete 400 million import and export

Brexit “Check, Change, Go”

The government today launched a £90 million public in­for­ma­tion cam­paign providing post-Brexit guid­ance, with ad­verts car­ry­ing a ‘check, change, go’ strapline, di­recting peo­ple and busi­nesses to an on­line checker tool that will tell them how to pre­pare for the UK leaving the EU in December. It comes as more than £700mil­lion is to be spent