Some UK freight forwarders unprepared for Brexit

In a survey by the freight forwarders trade association, BIFA, 64% of respondents felt they would not be ready to undertake the additional Customs-related work that will be required from January 1st 2021. Following a survey of its members, the British International Freight Association (BIFA) reports that a majority of respondents have significant reservations over

Emergency powers to build Brexit lorry parks

Up to a further 29 lorry parks, from Devon and Somerset to Warwickshire and Suffolk, will be built in order to cope with border trading chaos after Brexit, under emergency government powers, which will take no notice of local objections. The move was revealed after the leak of a government document that described the current

Get ready for Brexit

Get ready for Brexit

The border processes and way the UK trades with Europe is going to change significantly as we exit the EU transition period on the 31st December 2020, which is why we have developed an unprecedented web resource to get you ready for Brexit. Understanding how your business will be impacted and the level of associated risk

Business not ready for Brexit survey finds

Two-thirds of UK businesses have had their Brexit preparations disrupted by the Coronavirus pandemic, and only 25% are confident they will cope with the additional administration, according to a survey of supply chain managers by Descartes. Two-thirds of large firms (with >1000 employees) are extremely concerned about delays in their supply chain impacting their business

Brexit ready

Over the last 18 months, since Theresa May struggled fruitlessly to get her Brexit deal through parliament, we have published over 60 news, opinion and guidance articles and shared close to 200 social posts, on this critical subject and now we’re putting the finishing touches to our next Brexit support tool. From the publication of

Sharing the Brexit knowledge

With a readership approaching two million, including 0.25 million shippers, The Loadstar is one of the most influential supply chain media platforms in the world, which is why, when they want Brexit insights, they talk to our very own Grant Liddell. The following article was originally published in The Loadstar on the 24th August 2020.

Turkey and UK close in one Free Trade Deal

As the UK and Turkey close in on a free trade agreement to boost bilateral trade up to £15 billion by 2023, Metro is enhancing our freight services to and from the region. Turkey is “very close” to signing a free trade agreement with the UK covering manufactured goods, agriculture and services, Turkey’s foreign minister

The UK’s post-Brexit tariff regime

Announced in May, the UK Global Tariff (UKGT) is the UK-specific tariff regime that will apply to goods imported into the UK from January 2021, with tariffs on an additional £30bn of imported goods cut to zero. During the Brexit transition period, until 31 December 2020, the EU Common External tariff continues to be applied

Import broker essential documents – Power of Attorney

This essential piece of documentation is required to demonstrate to Customs (under legal provisions) that authority is granted to act in your name and on your behalf. A ‘Power of Attorney’ (POA) – also known as a ‘Letter of Empowerment’ – refers to the authorisation required to be given to the customs broker on behalf