Pandemic impacting Asia’s growth

The sustained threat of US tariffs through 2019 meant that supply chains were diverted away from China to factories in other regional economies. As the Covid-19 pandemic took hold in January 2020, factories closed, inventories fell and supply chains around the world began to stall. With manufacturing reduced in all but essential areas, because of

China overtakes US as EU’s biggest goods trading partner – but for how long ?

China is now the EU’s biggest trading partner, overtaking the US, as volumes of goods grew in both directions, propelled by sustained pandemic demand. As business with Europe’s major partners fell due to the COVID-19 pandemic, trade with China (import and export) was worth €586bn last year, rising €25bn in 2020, compared with €555bn worth

Challenges for shippers, pre and post Chinese New Year

Shanghai and Yantian port disruption, refusal of heavy weight containers onto quay and the serious issue of drivers returning home ahead of CNY, due to Government enforced covid related travel restrictions are bad enough, and now the signs are the shipping lines will do everything possible to maintain elevated rate levels post-CNY. In normal years,

Global shipping; record-breaking congestion

The economic turmoil triggered by the continuing pandemic, has disrupted global container shipping through 2020, with port congestion battering the shipping lines’ schedules and wiping out reliability. Port congestion began in Asia, as the first Coronavirus waves passed last May and factories rushed to ship the orders they had on hand to satisfy pent up

Continuing demand from Asia prompts some unusual responses

The shortage of container ships and record-breaking freight rates has prompted some carriers to come up with new and creative alternatives. The continued demand for sea freight space, that started last May, and the ensuing volume crisis, caused by a shortage of vessel availability and empty containers in key locations globally has prompted some ’creative

Why forecasting will beat the shipping challenge

In a customer advisory last week we outlined the current situation and challenges in relation to the inbound ocean freight container trade from Asia (China, Far East, South East Asia and The Indian Subcontinent) into The UK and Europe. We highlighted the unprecedented challenges in Asia regarding space and, especially, equipment shortages, which have progressively

Carriers CNY blanked sailing surprise

Optimism in signs that the equipment shortage crisis might improve after Chinese New Year, have been dealt a blow with the surprise announcement of blanked Asia to UK sailings, despite it being widely reported that carriers would not be using this tactic this year. 2M alliance members Maersk and MSC will blank three sailings from

BBC report £10k freight costs to ship a container from China

Massive and continuing post-lockdown consumer demand has resulted in a lack of available space on vessels, shortage of empty shipping containers in Asia and congestion at destination ports, driving freight rates to levels never before experienced. Taking issues that have perplexed shippers since last Summer to a wider audience, the BBC’s business reporter Vivienne Nunis,