Air Freight Update; Central UK hub re-opens for Metro air freight arrivals

With increased support from key carrier partners, Metro has recommenced routing air freight traffic directly to our Birmingham Airport hub, from key Middle East and Asia origins, as well as trucking consignments directly from southern airports and mainland Europe. Alongside Heathrow, Gatwick and City airports, Birmingham International is one of the UK’s only designated airports for direct flights

Sea freight rates from China 1,000% higher than a year ago into UK/ Europe

With the container shipping lines imposing yet another round of general rate increases (GRI), FAK (freight all kind) rates from China are looking at passing $20,000 per 40’ container, while calls are rising for the industry to be regulated as a utility to prevent it restricting capacity and making global trade unsustainable. The FBX Baltic index reading this week for

Yantian port disruption widens with global ripple effects

While some container shipping lines will continue calling at Yantian, other carriers have already diverted ships as the port’s operations have deteriorated, with Maersk warning that delays are now expected to last two weeks. The Yantian congestion is yet another disruption to global shipping still reeling from the impact of the Suez Canal blocking in

Sea freight rates continue rise

Monitored ocean Freight all Kinds (FAK) rates rose yet again this week from their already record-high levels, across all major East-West trades, up 518% on their level a year ago into Northern Europe and expected to remain on the higher side due to port congestion, huge demand and lack of equipment availability. Shippers from Asia are bracing for imminent General Rate Increases

Carriers skipping congestion hit China ports

As Yantian announces further reductions in container gate-in times, to try and alleviate congestion, shipping lines are skipping calls at Chinese ports, with the mission to improve schedule reliability and equipment availability. The partial shutdown of Yantian International Container Terminal (YICT) last week is a stark reminder of the impact that local COVID-19 outbreaks can have, with

Why Sea/Air is the smart choice from Asia

The global freight market continues to present challenging circumstances wherever you are shipping, by whatever mode you have chosen and on whatever trade lanes that you are operating. It is a global situation which has worsened over the last 12 months from famine to feast from a carrier perspective – so they can consider it has

Start your Christmas shipping planning right now – do not delay

Retail sales and consumer demand are still outpacing attempts to build inventory and despite the massive boom in imports, the inability to create inventory is likely to continue all year for many commodities and finished goods. So, if you want stocked shelves this Christmas, it’s time to start planning your shipping schedule, or you may find your

Yantian Port halts entry for export containers

Restrictions have been announced after an ongoing coronavirus outbreak in the port area since last week, with areas suspended from operation for cleaning and disinfection, while high storage density has built up in the terminal. We have been informed by our colleagues in China today, 25th May, that Yantian International Container Terminal (YICT) has announced