Record Asia imports driving US supply chain disruption

Nine consecutive months of record breaking imports from Asia together with global supply chain volatility and uncertainty, is congesting US terminals and choking the inland supply chain infrastructure.  Booming US imports from Asia accelerated even further in March, to 1.66 million TEU, up an astonishing 90.5% from the same period in 2020. The top 13

Air freight demand returns but space remains an issue

The latest air cargo figures from the International Air Transport Association, the trade association of the world’s airlines, shows that while demand is growing ahead of pre-Covid levels, capacity is impeding growth and keeping prices far above the pre-pandemic levels. Measuring air freight demand by cargo tonne km (CTKs) IATA’s February 2021 figures show growth

India and Bangladesh enter new lockdowns, impacting supply chains

Having just come through a full weekend lockdown, Maharashtra state (location of the major port of Nava Sheva) government imposed lockdown-like curbs, including curfews, in the state from 8pm on 14th April for the next 15 days for everything but essential services, which includes transport, supply chain and customs operations, with Bangladesh entering a week

Shipping lines imposing new round of surcharges and rate rises into quarter 2

The container shipping industry continues to face heavy port congestion and vessel delays worldwide. The situation adds to the severe lack of vessels and empty equipment availability, forcing carriers to blank sailings on some trades when these sailings could generate record revenues, encouraging the lines to impose a new round of peak season surcharges and rate increases.

BBC report underlines importers woes

The impact that the pandemic-driven global supply chain challenges, disruption and increased costs experienced since last year will have for consumers in 2021 has been bought into sharp focus by BBC News this week. Continuing supply chain issues and the massive increases in the cost of shipping goods from Asia to the UK, Europe, The USA and, in

The true environmental impact of empty containers

Environmentalists have long voiced concerns about the CO2 emission damage of the global shipping fleet. They believe that shipping laden containers are doing untold damage to the climate and are extremely concerned about the volume of empty containers that have been travelling the globe recently. Using public-access data in the United States, ‘green’ researchers found

Global sea freight latest weekly update

The leading container shipping lines believe that global port and inland infrastructure congestion could last until after the summer peak season and the blanked sailings keep on coming. The lines’ view is that supply chain disruptions are “temporary issues”, which would be resolved in the long-term, but they are warning of a “difficult” period leading

The current lockdown, yesterday’s budget and future ‘revenge spending’ will impact your supply chain and logistics strategy

Boris Johnson has set the country on a “cautious” road-map for restoring normal life and economic activity by June 21st, with government support for the economy for months to come. There are four main stages (see below) in the road-map for the lifting of coronavirus restrictions, running from the 8th March, through the 12th April (when shops

Q1 review & Q2 sea freight market report

Time never stands still in global logistics, and as we come towards the end of the first quarter of the year (Q1) and approach the second (Q2), we take a moment to reflect on how 2021 has started, and how we see the deep sea markets further adjusting and progressing as we move into the

Pandemic impacting Asia’s growth

The sustained threat of US tariffs through 2019 meant that supply chains were diverted away from China to factories in other regional economies. As the Covid-19 pandemic took hold in January 2020, factories closed, inventories fell and supply chains around the world began to stall. With manufacturing reduced in all but essential areas, because of