The Metro team talk: Aston Thames

During the lockdown the Metro team had to adapt quickly to new ways of working and engaging with customers. Technology was the critical success factor. IT Manager Aston Thames’ professional career began in accounting, but his passion for computing and information technology ultimately prevailed, with Aston making his career change into IT in 2000. Joining

Sourcing and export support

The container ports and airports in the Middle East and Indian subcontinent are some of the busiest in the world. Their continuous growth underlines the strength of international trade enjoyed by both regions.  The Middle East and Indian subcontinent generate around £80 billion of the United Kingdom’s international trade and is why Metro has been

The Metro team talk: Kerry Bate

Metro solutions sit in four areas of expertise – forwarding, supply chain, outsourcing, technology – but there are no barriers between these areas, with our personnel working in multiple area simultaneously, to better serve their clients. Experienced freight forwarder Kerry Bate joined Metro in 2015, to strengthen the growing import ocean freight operations team. Promoted

New China rail services added

Supply chains between Europe and China continue to face significant pandemic-related disruption, leading to an upsurge in interest for rail freight solutions from the region. Reacting to expanding demand, we are increasing our rail freight coverage, to embrace all major China sourcing regions. The increased load factors (number of containers) on each arriving vessel is

The Metro team talk: Daniel Quinney

Aggressive capacity management has supported vessel load factors during the pandemic, but has negatively impacted the overall service delivered by many shipping lines. Daniel’s Export Customer Services team has been crucial in protecting Metro customers’ supply chains. Export Customer Services Manager, Daniel Quinney, began his Metro career in 2012. With no prior experience, he joined

The Metro team talk: Chris Williams

Trade and Customs Compliance Manager, Chris Williams, joined Metro in 2019, bringing with him over 30 years of international trade compliance and customs experience, gained with multi-national and national businesses at global and local levels. Chris’ detailed knowledge of global import and export procedures, legislation and prohibitions, provides the foundation for the development, implementation and

Inspiring the next generation (of forwarders)

BIFA’s Young Forwarder Network, is probably one of the most important – and unique – developments for young people in our industry. We explore Metro’s Colin Smith’s role in the YFN story. Colin Smith is Metro’s Training & Career Development Manager and has been developing our young people with the skills and attitudes needed in

The Metro team talk: Tom Fernihough

Joining Metro in 1994 Tom has worked across the business in a wide variety of roles, evolving and developing into the twin roles that he currently takes responsibility for. In the same way that Metro, in Tom’s words, ”has evolved to serve customers perfectly”, he has evolved, during his time in operations, commercial, CRM, account

The Metro team talk: Laurence Burford

Head of Finance, Laurence Burford, joined Metro directly from academia, graduating in Law and Biomedical sciences from Staffordshire and Durham Universities. Failure to comply with regulatory requirements can have financial, legal and reputational consequences for businesses. Laurence joined Metro in 2011, taking responsibility for legal and compliance, implementing effective compliance policies and educating employees on

The Metro team talk: Andy Fitchett

Andy is “relishing the opportunity that Brexit brings” because, working with our IT development team, he is pioneering the automation of EU and UK customs declaration requirements, to streamline freight movements into and out of the EU. Andy joined Metro nine years ago, as import manager, to oversee this critical function and to take a