Supply Chain

Fears that Felixstowe congestion may spread

High vessel volumes, spikes in container throughput and diminished operational capability due to COVID safe-working is creating high yard density at the port, resulting in terminal-wide congestion which means vessels are unable to complete empty loading or have diverted to other ports, not loading export containers. Import volumes at Felixstowe have been 30% higher than

Sydney strike threat removed

The ongoing congestion and industrial action at Sydney port, which caused schedule disruption to many carriers and prompted Maersk to stop acceptance of all bookings for the port, has been withdrawn. The move to withdraw industrial action at Sydney port, will bring relief to shippers and shipping lines that have suffered an 11-day backlog of

The axing of Safmarine is more significant than losing a brand

Formed in 1946, the African specialist shipping line Safmarine, which is represented in more than 130 countries, was acquired in 1999 by Maersk. Earlier this month Maersk announced that it was closing the Safmarine brand at the end of the year, integrating it into Maersk Line. What are the market implications? Maersk’s decision to drop

The perfect storm threatening container haulage

The perfect storm threatening container haulage  There is not an industry sector that has not been impacted to some extent by the COVID-19 pandemic. Even those deemed ‘essential’ have had to battle unprecedented economic and operational challenges, but few have felt the impact quite as keenly as the hauliers that serve the container sector. Container

Container shortages in China

Port operations have been severely diminished and inland distribution massively disrupted by the coronavirus, lockdowns and safe-working practices, which delay the unloading of containers and repositioning of equipment back to China. As European importers struggle to return empty containers to China, fears grow of container shortages threatening supply chains in the current peak shipping season.

Metro’s supply chain excellence recognised

Publisher and Events organiser, Akabo Media, is one of the most influential voices in supply chain, freight and logistics. Its annual Supply Chain Excellence awards uniquely feature clients and service providers, to emphasise the value and innovation delivered across the sector. Despite the challenges of the pandemic and extended lockdowns the 2020 shortlist features 70

Shipping lines set to increase Asia–Europe contract rates

As the container shipping lines continue to control capacity tightly, announcing a new series of blanked sailings in October on the Asia – Europe trade, they are preparing for their annual contract negotiations with the largest shippers on the critical route, with many anticipating higher long term prices.  Sea freight spot rates from Asia-Europe have

The joined up supply chain

The supply chain is a complex system of interrelated parts which need to be monitored continuously to avoid problems and keep it running effectively. True supply chain visibility requires the ability to see the whole supply chain at all times in order to solve problems as they arise, as incomplete visibility can lead to distorted

40% of firms find better post-COVID suppliers

In a recent survey, reported by the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS), 41% of firms said that they have found “new and better” suppliers to work with as a direct result of coronavirus. The survey also found that 57% found the outbreak an “incentive” to make positive changes to their business model, with 35% are

Import broker essential documents – Power of Attorney

This essential piece of documentation is required to demonstrate to Customs (under legal provisions) that authority is granted to act in your name and on your behalf. A ‘Power of Attorney’ (POA) – also known as a ‘Letter of Empowerment’ – refers to the authorisation required to be given to the customs broker on behalf