Supply Chain

Carriers tackle post-Suez scheduling and equipment issues

As global shipping struggles to adjust from the Ever Given grounding and the six day Suez Canal closure, container carriers have the challenge of recovering schedules and repositioning containers due to the effect of over a week’s loss of capacity. With close to 20 container shipping services calling at ports across Europe and Asia each week, a lot of capacity has

EU reduce ‘red-tape’ but food exporters face new barriers

The EU is to drop ‘Meursing codes’ from import declarations for manufactured food products coming from the UK in a major reduction of post-Brexit red tape, but new EU legislation covering multi-ingredient food products is expected to increase UK export health certificates by up to 30%. The additional EU paperwork, which will be required from the 21st

Security surcharge on air cargo trucked from UK to EU gateway airports

Airlines are imposing security charges for cargo arriving from the UK on road feeder services for flights out of European hub airports. Following the end of the post-Brexit transition period in January, EU law no longer recognises feeder trucked cargo from the UK as air cargo secure, and requires all such shipments to be re-screened

Lloyds List: Sometimes, no publicity really is bad publicity

Shipping executives had an opportunity to be front and centre in the international news cycle and deliver an important message about how trade works. Instead, they chose to hide in the shadows. Complaints about sea blindness will not be taken seriously next time they matter. A week-long shut down of the Suez Canal courtesy of

Latest market update ; The new EU trading relationship

While the EU/UK vaccine spat has underlined the interconnectivity of supply chains, Boris Johnson is putting an invisible trade barrier between France and the UK and 25% of UK SMEs have stopped exporting to the EU altogether. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen is under fire from the EU’s leaders, for the slow rollout of Europe’s vaccine

Lines set to impose new round of increased fuel surcharges for Q2

The sea freight bunker industry has been undergoing significant change since the introduction of the IMO2020 rule and the impact of measures taken in response to the Coronavirus pandemic have contributed to major shifts in oil market dynamics, with rising prices encouraging shipping lines to increase their BAF surcharges from April 1st 2021. The Bunker Adjustment